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"There's a photo-one photo-of Kurt that I really fucking hate. You must've seen it. Taken by an English photographer called Martyn Goodacre, it just shows Kurt up close, staring moodily into the camera, black eyeliner on, hair all scrawny-lighting perfect, make-up mussed up perfect, the whole tormented "rock star" schtick prefect. I can't fucking recognise him. It look nothing like the Kurt Cobain I knew, presents such a one-dimensional, distorted picture of him...and it seems to've been everywhere since his death. Posters, T-shirts, calenders, tribute books. Everywhere. Each time I see it, I catch myself looking at it and thinking, "Is this the only way people remember Nirvana, as the backing band for a tormented moody fuck-up of an artist? Is this the only way people recognise Kurt Cobain-as the Axl Rose who never made it?" I have nothing against Martyn Goodacre. It's the lack of context I can't handle.

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