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Take my Music Survey

Are you a Teenybopper or a Skanker?

Fill out this survey and tell me about yourself and what you think about music. If you don't take it, I will kick your a$$! Just fill out the following and I will post the results at the end of January:



What would you describe yourself BEST as??

A Punk Ass
Pop Clubber
Country Luvin Hick
Metal Head


How much do you follow the music industry?

You know the salary of every top 40 star and how many records theyve signed.
You know that the whole industry has gone to hell.
You know all the top 40 videos IN ORDER.
You dont know any bands beyond Celine Dion and Hermans Hermits.
The last time you watched MTV was when they played Video Killed The Radio Star.

What do you think about the industry?

Better Than Ever
Its pretty good
Im satisfied
Its starting to go downhill
The whole thing in the toilet

What do you think about this page?

F#%&ing great!
It kicks a$$...
It's cool
It's alright
It sucks!

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